Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday words

Courtesy of Leah Day: "having cool supplies does not make you a creative person!"

 So true! I have a bad habit of seeing a cool new technique or product, getting the supplies, and then never getting around to using them. I am going on a long flight soon, and that always makes me think of how my poor husband would probably want to set my studio on fire if something happened to me - there is so much junk unrealized treasure in there!

Consequently, I have spent the past two weeks busting through my stash of test colors of hand dyes. It is a lot of fun to try different quilt patterns, and to try to bring out the beauty of the fabric, while still making something useful. I am making crib size quilts to donate, not too big, so I can practice FMQ on them without wanting to climb the walls. 

If When I get back I plan to get creative with the rest of my cool supplies!

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