Monday, July 11, 2016

Pentel gel pens, inktense and dynaflow - precision, color, POP!

Too much fun with Pentel gel pens. I love the precision they allow.

Not the best choice for a scarf as they only really show up on one side. Will be great for some other applications though.

Then beavering away with the Inktense pencils. I wasn't crazy about all the coloring lines that resulted, so out with the Inktense blocks and much mixing, rubbing and blending and it's more to my liking. 

I think I will use the blocks more in future, but the pencils are great for detail. Once I got to the background it seemed much too expensive to use the Inktense so out with the Dynaflow and salt. 

How I wish Procion dyes could replicate this effect! But once the Dynaflow started its old abrading tricks I remembered why I switched to Procion. 

The abrasion marks work with the antique look of the scarf, luckily.

Designs loosely based on Jacobean embroidery. 

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