Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quilting Arts index

Quilting Arts article index - yes please! I find Quilting Arts a wonderful resource, but how to remember where that one particular article is? QA made an index annually for the first couple of years, but then they stopped. It was a pain to do, but I created my own. The original is an Excel spreadsheet, but it is just waaaay too much of a mission to try to get that to work in Blogger, so here is a searchable PDF.
Quilting Arts Article Index
Click the link above to access the PDF. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. Sadly, you won't have the sort functionality of Excel, but you can search for "batik" for example, and find the issue and page number for all articles to do with batik.

UPDATE: Ha! I win. Here is the link to the Excel format of this document. Click on Google sheets to allow column sorting. If you share, please link back to this blog.

Over the years the things that interest me have changed. When I first started adding color to fabric I was terrified of Procion MX. After taking some classes with Candy Glendening it has become my go-to method. Now I can go back in the index and find all those articles I skipped over when Procion MX wasn't something I cared about. Ditto with thermofax screens, and who knows what I will get into in the future! There have been such a range of articles over the years, that keeping track is important. The great thing is that most of the advice is still relevant, although some of the products may no longer be available. It has also been a great resource for finding artists I like and tracking down their blogs. 

Hope you find it helpful! As always, comments appreciated.

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