Friday, January 8, 2016

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen - Customization

Phew! With having no time off work over Christmas, it's taken a while to recover from a houseful of people. I think most of the laundry is now done and things put back where they belong. Mostly..

Having had the HQ Sweet Sixteen just over a month, here are how it's been customized so far. 
1. Anti-slip mat for the foot pedal. Maybe I am just short, but the cord for the foot pedal seems like it could be longer. I got sick of the pedal skidding out of reach. This mat works fine and doubles as a thread catcher...

2. Storage on top of the machine. There is so much real estate up there, but the surface is so slick I had issues get anything to stay there. I was nervous about using magnets because of the proximity to all the electronic components. I checked with HQ and they said it shouldn't be an issue, but I'm still not feeling that comfortable with loading the machine up with magnets. I tried suction cups, but they just slide off the slick surface. Eventually I found these sticky backed velcro circles and they work a treat. The problem with most plastic containers is that they have a little lip around the bottom edge, so they don't connect with the sticky velcro. This container is half of some kind of plastic packaging and it works a treat as the whole of the bottom of the container is in contact with the sticky pads, plus it's recycling. Two-fer! I can put my box of pins in and take them out whenever I need them somewhere else.
3. I had my scissors in there too, but then I had to reach for them every time I needed them, which is a lot because there is no thread snipper on the machine. Why HQ, why?? Enter Command hooks. Now I have my own personal Sword of Damocles...
4. And lastly, one more sticky velcro pad for the self-threading needle. I first had it stuck on a piece of double sided tape, but I think this is more secure as I can push it into the velcro. I don't want it falling into the bobbin area, or in front of the machine's needle while I'm sewing.
5. And lastly the addition of a torch to my box of tricks. I got cocky and changed a needle without consulting the manual. Stitching went haywire and I ended up with a mare's nest in the bobbin area because I had managed to put the needle in back to front. Unlike a domestic sewing machine, the Sweet Sixteen will accept a needle the wrong way around, you'll just both be sorry about it afterwards. The bobbin area is a rather dark and inaccessible place, but this little torch works well. 

See all those wound bobbins! It's been a productive month. I have been practicing my stippling and it is getting easier. Mrs. Kaye was right, practice, practice, practice.

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