Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hand dyed embroidery thread - ready to play with!

Once the hand dyed embroidery thread is washed and wound onto a spool, it is playtime! I am really liking this shahrazade yarn from Dharma Trading. Look at the amount of texture in the strand. Each different piece of the yarn takes up the dye differently, so you get a subtle variation even within the same color.

Procion MX dyed cotton/rayon blend

 It is a cotton/rayon mix, and the twisted rayon thread, and rayon slubs add a shine to the more matt cotton color. Look at how nicely the thread plays on hand dyed fabric!

Procion MX dyed cotton/rayon blend

Procion MX dyed cotton/rayon blend
This is going to be so much fun to work with!

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