Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday words courtesy of Melody Johnson (Mixitupmel and Fibermania blogs): The art is on the front for goodness sake!

While I do try very hard to get better at sewing and quilting, if it's a toss up between what goes on the front of a quilt and what the back looks like, then I am going with whatever will make the front work better. The workings on the back can get covered up with a second backing if necessary. Handwork isn't always the prettiest from the back, but it is so addictive to do. Sitting quietly making French knots is like meditation...until one of them goes wrong, then the stream of consciousness tends to become a whole lot less serene! Seriously though, art quilts are about the message on the front. That's not trying to excuse poor workmanship on the back, but if the back of the piece is limiting what you're doing on the front, then you have the process back to front, if you get my meaning!

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