Sunday, June 21, 2015

Winding off the hand dyed embroidery thread..with a little "help" from my friends

Winding dyed thread is not the most entertaining part of the process. Having help can speed it up...or not. Daughter with fingernails for eliminating knots, very helpful. Miss Twitch with teeth and claws for creating knots and soggifying thread, less helpful. 

Dropping the DMC skeins over a chair back is a great way to speed up the winding process and eliminating tangles. Unfortunately for the unwary, a cunning hunter lurks below, ever vigilant, lightening fast and relentless in the pursuit of the tantalizing moving thread.
Miss Twitch, butter wouldn't melt..

At first she makes a stealthy move

But the killer instinct soon kicks in and she attacks the thread with teeth and claws
And an enviable flexibility!

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