Sunday, November 29, 2015

Decorating tips for quilters

Section one: flooring
1. When installing new carpet, don't forget to ask if the pad is thick enough for pinning into. 
2. When installing hard flooring, check that you can tape fabric to the surface without damaging it.
3. When installing anything with a linear grain, ask if the grain can run parallel to the longest wall so you will have a plumb line to tape long sections of fabric on. See how I got that wrong below? Don't worry about the aesthetics of the room, it's all about getting a straight seam!

A good decorator will know the answers to these questions...

When the artist and the chemist's ex boyfriend finished our basement for beer and student loan money, we decided to go with a 100% plastic flooring. It looks like wood from say, outside the front door. However, if we are ever flooded, it will be hassle free, and it deals with painter's tape, dye spills, cat barf, and the artist's detritus (when he still lived here, oh wait, his junk is still here), and so much more without batting an eyelash.

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