Thursday, November 19, 2015

Normal service resumes...

Strangely enough I was the only one quilting at Dulles airport..
 My scissors made it through the international check points, but were taken from me during an internal South African flight. My fault for not putting them in my checked luggage. Once again, why has teleportation not been perfected yet?? There is nothing like travelling for reminding you that you carry too much baggage on so many levels!

Somehow on an 18 hour flight in incredibly cramped conditions, seeing the dawn break is heartening. This was the outward trip. Coming back to the northern hemisphere, there was 17 hours of darkness. It was a very long trip...
If only South Africa could up its game on medical services and get the crime under control, I always think that it could become the old people importer of the world. The climate is fantastic, food is amazing, the people are friendly, and it is such a beautiful place. It could become the retirement mecca of Europe. Here are the entrepreneurs. One guy is doing amazing sand sculptures in the hopes that tourists will make a donation. The other guy is a rickshaw driver, giving you a taste of history. Click the photos to see the details.
One of my favorite birds, the hadedah, or glossy ibis. This bird's loud and somewhat mournful call gives it its name, and to me it is the sound of my childhood.  

Travelling by air is so inspiring in some ways, the scenery below has so much abstract quilt inspiration, curves and colors and patterns, oh my!

And then home at last, retrieve Ms. Twitch from the ceiling, where she has been hiding out while I was gone, although clearly not starving herself in the process. Next time I will sneak into your luggage, you will not escape me again, bwahahaahaha...

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