Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fabric flowers - the process part 1

I dye a lot of fabric, and it occurred to me that one of the things I might do with it is to make fabric flowers. I immediately turned to Pinterest and the web. My two best buds! 

There were lots of ideas for felt flowers layered and stitched, and I made some. They were a wonderful travelling project. I stitched and stitched!

They were a lot of fun, but when I was done I had no idea how to display them. They were not 3D. If I stuck them on a stick, they would look awful from the bottom, and they would flop in on themselves, not drape and fold as flowers do. In  fact, I had planned to use more felt for leaves, but either the size of the leaf, or the color, or both, made the poor little flower look like it was being slowly absorbed by carnivorous leaves! Urgh.

So they went in the cupboard with the FO??s. (Finished objects I have no idea what to do with). I keep them in the hope that inspiration will strike one day and they will be exactly what I need. I am such an optimist. I suspect if I didn't have cupboard space my optimism would be short lived!

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