Saturday, December 12, 2015

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Day 12 - bobbin wind fail

I wound some new bobbins, plugged them in and began to sew. After a little bit there was that noise that lets you know the sooner you stop and do something about it, the less unpicking you are going to have to do. I pulled out the bobbin, and oh, the horror! I had to put the Christmas cactus in the shot, or it was just too depressing!
Jamie Wallen, who is my new guru, says the tension on the bobbin winder may be set too tight, so when the thread comes off the winder it relaxes and pools. Not sure why it wouldn't do that right from the start though. Anyone got a bright idea?

The M class bobbins seem terribly flimsy after Bernina's little sherman tank bobbins. I hear the M class are aluminium and can warp if overfilled. Oh joy....

Handi Quilter, if you are listening, I have a suggestion: Make the pin on the bobbin winder able to fit a bobbin as well as a spool of thread. How am I going to get this mess into a usable form again when I can't wind it onto another M class bobbin? I guess it is going to make Bernina bobbins now. Bernina spool pins fit bobbins and spools of thread. Hmmm, I wonder if I could put it on my external thread holder and then run it through the HQ bobbin winder tensioning? I will have to test that out.

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