Sunday, December 20, 2015

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Day 17 - Christmas fused quilt

Stitching through the multiple layers of the fused fabrics proved no problem for the Sweet Sixteen. Even more exciting was that I had no tension issues with the multiple color changes involved. I used both Isacord and Sulky threads on the top and Bottom Line on the bottom. This was the first outing for the Bottom Line, and it performed very well. The dealer's tip about tying the new thread onto the old and pulling the new thread through to the needle proved invaluable with the many colors I used. I would have hated to rethread from scratch every time!
Detail of stitching 

 My favorite spiderweb stitch on the star

A pillowcase finishing and1-2-3 done.

Fused Christmas quilt
I haven't done such a quick project in ages, so satisfying. I was just feeling quite pleased with myself when the chemist came by. Hmmm, she said. The tree needs ornaments she said. ^&%^$%# I said. 
These beads look a bit like presents, but they will be so much work to sew on. I am over this project now. 
Bigger beads draw too much focus.
These might work, but w-a-a-y too fiddly.

 Silver to echo the star? Ooh, look, I meant to make earrings with some of these silver beads! Focus! Attention span of a gnat, I swear...

Large and echo the colors and the stitch pattern on the tree. Done deal.

If Santa doesn't get the hint it won't be my fault!
Detail shot with beads in place.

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