Monday, December 14, 2015

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Day 13 - threading tip

There are a LOT of places to thread on the Sweet Sixteen. Here's a handy tip from the dealer: When you want to change thread:
1. Snip the old thread at the cone 
2. Remove the old cone and put the new cone on the spool pin
3. Tie the new thread onto the cut end of the old thread and trim the knot. Don't cut it too close or it will come undone with the pressure of going through all the thread points. Ask me how I know...
4. Pull the thread at the needle until the new thread feeds through all the threading points and reaches the needle
5. Check that the thread is well flossed through the tension disks
6. Cut off the knot and thread the needle with the new thread
7. Check your tension if you are changing to a new thread type as opposed to changing color but keeping the same thread

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